April 5, 2010

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder…Or Not?

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Does this old saying still hold true for our current generation?  Yes, some time apart will make you miss your significant other that much more.  But will that feeling fade as a life without your SO by your side begins to seem habitual?  Will you start to forget?  Adaptation is our secret weapon, but perhaps it could also destroy relationships.

Love through text?

Today, we have the internet where we could keep in touch with friends from all over the world through video calls, msn chats etc.  We also have long distance calling on our mobile cell phones so we can keep in touch even on the go.  Do these technological advances help or hinder our relationships with our peers or, in this case, our SOs?

I have, throughout the whole of middle and high school, been thoroughly hooked onto MSN.  However, now that I think back to my experiences with MSN, I realize that I always said things that I would not have said in person, or used tones that I would have normally been hesitant to use.  I was not myself. 
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