About Idleverbiage

My name is Kaitlyn Lo, currently majoring in Psychology at University of British Columbia. I like to write, and have tried to bring my ideas onto paper for as long as I could remember. Life is too precious to let slip by and be forgotten, so writing helps me transcribe life onto paper so that it can be remembered and reflected upon.

While writing is my hobby, my passion is in psychology. I like observing people. I enjoy communicating with people, understanding them in the deepest level possible. Perhaps this stems from my passion for life. Eventually, I hope to intern at a counseling facility and gradually work my way towards some kind of life coach. That way, I can feed my intense curiosity for people and be able to aide those who need guidance towards a more fulfilling life.

My other interests are wide and varied. In this blog, you will read about many different topics that currently have my attention. As I’m also a bit of a romantic, a tech geek, and an idealist…be prepared to read some lengthy ramblings on love, current and futuristic technology, as well as my sometimes anomalous views on different aspects of life.

I believe the world is an intricate place that is full of meaning and beauty. We all have the chance to live a bright, happy, and meaningful life. It all depends on the way we perceive the world and on the decisions we choose to make. In a world full of gloom and corruption, I think, with some luck, once people start to listen, things might just change for the better.



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