March 31, 2010

The “Real” Google Phone

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So about 6 months ago, I had a conversation with my dad about the ridiculously expensive phone plans offered in Canada.  Being a university student and therefore…on the borderline of being broke, I had just cause to complain (since complaining about all sorts of things both minuscule and relatively cataclysmal is almost a culture amongst us post-secondary kids).

Google Phone?!?

Anyway, so then my dad suggested me getting what he called a “Google Phone”.  Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about.  Google, to my very limited knowledge, was still just a massive search engine that is fighting censorship in China.  And now Google made phones?!?  Wow.  My dad must be insane.  Especially when he started going on about how calls would be free since calls would go through Google Talk instead of through the phone network…but of course the other person must have a “Google Phone” as well.

So, I thought, now I’m expected to revert back to high school mentality and tell all my friends to get the mystical “Google Phone” so we could form a clique-like calling network: Thou shalt only call someone with a “Google Phone” and shalt ignore those still stuck with an uncool phone plans??

Of course, I trashed that idea.

Now…6 months later, the Nexus One comes out….and it’s a GOOGLE PHONE!  It’s comes unlocked at $529 USD, compatible with AT&T for the US, and T-Mobile & Rogers Wireless for Canada.  “Very pricey” was my first thought.  Why would I buy a phone for over $300 when I have my trusty Sony Ericsson W810 from China?  That was when a friend of mine told me to look closer.

The Nexus One is a Smartphone based on the Android platform which, for all you Android users, should be a familiar plus.  I’ve heard that it’s much more fluid than Windows Mobile, so that’s another good thing.

The speed of this phone is quite impressive.  At 1GHz, it’s the speed of a small netbook!  That’s pretty amazing.  For anyone who isn’t a tech geek…that means that this phone is two times faster than most other smartphones out there!  For someone with little patience…like me (who tends to stab at a button a million times for the screen to change only to find out that the phone, having registered all the times I’ve pressed the same button, has now gone into an epileptic fit…), the thought of needing only to touch a button once to cause an immediate reaction is extremely welcome.

Also, the screen is pretty nifty too.  With an AMOLED screen, it’s much brighter and dynamic than a regular LED screen used by most phones.  I’m a pretty visual person, so I know I’d love to stare at a pretty screen.

As for connectivity, it has both 3G and Wifi (pretty standard necessities for a Smartphone I should think :]), so I could basically connect to the internet anywhere at anytime.

There’s a whole bunch of other awesome, techy features to this phone, but there’s a catch.  The clique-like phone networking theory?  That won’t be happening, because being compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Rogers means that the Nexus One STILL requires a phone plan in order for it to work!  No free calls (unless you count “free minutes” if you call people through Google Talk…but you still need to pay for your data plan since you’ll be using internet instead).  Nothing like how it is in China where you could buy a random SIM card from any street vendor, put it into your phone, and call with no monthly charge.

Too bad, Dad, I guess the Google Phone’s not as magical as you thought it would be.  However…I still have an urge to buy it… Call me materialistic…but it IS a very pretty phone.  🙂

Should I get one?


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